Monday, August 10, 2009

Pooh, Data Analyst

Obviously Data Quality is an important issue. But so is good communication and having a good data analyst around!

After story time with my daughter, taking some elements from a classic that everyone loves…saying no more…let’s stop in and take a look at what’s happening in the “Hundred Acres Woods Data Centre” with our friend Pooh, Data Analyst!

In ran Piglet on his short stubby feet, “Rabbits coming, and he is doesn’t have happy feelings with him”.

“Pooh bear, you’re not thinking again!” bellowed Rabbit as he marched into the Hundred Acres Woods data centre.

“Well, thinking is often a hard thing to do, without a smackerel of honey.” commented Pooh Bear.


“Oh I think I have a headache!” said Pooh.

“How is it bear that you have it wrong, the price of honey bottomed out, it’s less valuable then the pebbles on the floor. You said honey was the commodity of choice. That it is was going up. Eeyore invested everything, and now he doesn’t have anything.”

“Oh that is so sad! What is it that he lost everything of?”, asked Pooh.


“We need to hoosh, Eeyore!” interrupts Piglet.

“Yes”, agrees Pooh bear, “but maybe a little less hooshing this time then last time, would you not agree Piglet?”

“No”, said Piglet, “Yes”, replied Piglet quickly afterwards.

“What, NO!”, cried Rabbit, “ You can’t hoosh Eeyore, he’s suing us for more sticks so he can build a new house.”

“Suing?”, interrupted Pooh and Piglet together.

“Yes suing, Eeyore’s going to sue us and we’ll have to work for him, looking for sticks and other stuff. Now tell me why did you say honey. It’s an important thing to know.”

“Yes that’s what I saw on the computer screen.”

“Show ME!”

Pooh, waltzed over to the terminal and showed Rabbit the honey dripping off the computer terminal.

“Poor Bear, you spilt honey on your screen, the server, the computer. It’s everywhere! That is not good analysis of the data. Now print up the report and bring it to me. And I’ll analyze it!” said Rabbit, as he stormed out of the data centre.

A few minutes later, “Here’s the report Pooh”, stated Piglet as he hands the report to Pooh Bear.

“Mmmm!” said Pooh

“What’s mmmm?” asks Piglet.

“I think Rabbit is wrong, I have honey on this paper report too. I think we should stay with honey.”

“Pooh, you have been eating honey, it’s on your paws. A smackerel smudged your report.”

“Yes, Piglet! I believe that’s a good thing.”

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  1. To paraphrase the words of my favorite character:

    "Data analysts are really wonderful
    They're really marvelous kin
    Their analysis comes from data gazin’
    Their reports are made outta thinkin’
    They're gazin’-thinkin’-communicatin’
    But the most wonderful thing about data analysts is
    I'm not the only one!
    I-I-I-I'm...not the only one!"