Friday, January 29, 2010

Coaching Data Quality to Skate on Ice

Learning to skate is much like learning data quality.

It holds great rewards when done right, and on the other hand it can be cold and unforgiving.

When you take a new skater you give them a helmet and take them by the hand, lead them onto the ice.

-- A new analyst, you take them in, show them around, show them the work and the data, the data model and the business. You are there to help. You tell them if they have any questions to stop by.

You teach them how to bend at the knees, and push off with their legs, first one side and then the next.

-- You show them wher to go in the data architecture to find problems and correct them. You show them that even if a user is saying it's wrong, it may very well be that the user does not understand the data at all and it is correct. it's all about positioning.

You coach them how to stop, else they will keep on going into the boards.

-- You coach them that they must stop. They must stop and look, and always assess what is the bets return to the business.

You teach them balance and composure. You give self-confidence so that they feel the cool air on their face and have the ability to take a step forward and skate on their own, and yes they will fall.

--They will succeed and yes they will fail. However, with the proper coaching they will not give up and they will push on for the betterment of your organization.

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